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Geri Dön

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Cellulose Fiber

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Selüloz Lifi



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Cellulose is mainly associated with the textile and paper industry. But it is also fiber, also known as fiber tract. Dietary fiber is not just one substance, but the entire group with a common name. Functions and characteristics of the fiber fraction is not identical. It's part of natural foods, resistant to digestion in the human digestive tract. This fiber is not digested and do not dissolve in water and still plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the whole organism. Its operation is substantially different than that of other food products. Food fiber does not increase the amount of nutrients needed by the body for energy production. Until recently, it was considered as the so-called fiber ballast substance, or unnecessary body. However, now its great importance and a beneficial effect on the general state of our health is appreciated. Fiber and cellulose contained in it improves the digestive process. It moves quickly absorbing all waste from metabolic process, cleanses the colon of undigested food debris and lingering toxins. This "cleaning" restricts weight gain, constipation and prevents the formation of colon cancer.
Eating foods rich in fiber ceased to be fashionable and became a conscious choice, so that we avoid frequent visits to doctor’s surgeries and hospitals.

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