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   Stearinerie Dubois

STEARINERIE DUBOIS develops and manufactures a wide range of additives and ingredients dedicated to the Food Industry.Additives are dedicated to industries such as Confectionery, Dairy, Bakery, and Delicatessen. Our specialities are mainly used in confectionery as release, surface treatment and glazing agents.Ingredients compile a wide range of emulsifiers: sugar esters, MCT oil, mono and diglycerides, polyglyceryl polyricinoleate.


Sachtleben is a leading manufacturer of top-quality chemical products with a unique range of white pigments and extenders. The history of the company's involvement at its Duisburg location stretches back more than one hundred years. 

   Fiorio Colori Spa

Natural and Shythetic food color manufacturer since 1914


Virtilis and Vankim started to produce yeast extract in 2013 with the brand Name LEVEX. Levex is Turkey' first and only yeast extract manufcaturer.

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