Vital Wheat Gluten

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Geri Dön

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Vital Wheat Gluten

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Buğday Gluteni



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Vital wheat gluten is a high-grade protein in fine powder extracted from a high quality wheat flour. The

drying process is carefully regulated and controlled in order to preserve its original unique characteristics
such as elasticity and extensibility. Dry gluten regains its original characteristics when mixed with water,
readily forms a cohesive and elastic dough. The water absorption ability and the viscoelasticity have been
related to vitality. Vital wheat gluten contains mainly two groups of proteins namely gliadins and glutenins.
Gliadins have a lower molecular weight and behave as viscous liquid, while glutenins are able to form
polymeric networks and act as cohesive elastic solid. Both gliadins and glutenins contribute to the viscoelastic
properties of wheat dough. A long “stretch” with retention of an excellent elasticity are the two
most importan properties. The flavour and taste of gluten is almost neutral, the colour is natural creamy,
it has a high waterbinding capacity and a constant quality.




Vital Wheat Gluten 75 %





Moisture  : max. 9 %
Protein (Nx5,7)  : min. 75 %
Protein (Nx6,25)  : min. 82 %
Ash  : max. 1,5 %
Fat  : max. 2,5 %
Water binding capacity  : min. 150 %




Total plate count  : max. 10.000 per gram
Yeast & moulds  : max. 200 per gram
Coliform  : absent in 10 gram
Staph. aureus  : absent in 1 gram
Salmonella  : absent in 25 gram








Appearance  : creamy light yellow powder
Taste and odour  : neutral, bland and free from objectionable odours





25 kgs multiwall paper bags

                        50 lbs multiwall paper bags
                        1 metric ton big bags 








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