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Levex Yeast Extract

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Levex Yeast Extract


10- 20 kg

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Levex Yeast Extract  is a brand name of the Partnership of Schwarp and Vankim.  Project has started in 2012. 

Levex become a  global Yeast Extract Producer during this short period.


Description : Levex  is a yeast extract derived from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. It is  GMO free and %100 Natural.


Soup, sauces, broths & gravies: 


Levex offers soft base note for liquid consumed food products.  Either consumed hot or cold, required mouth fullness can be achieved by applying several Levex solutions. Need for additional oil in your formulation will be reduced by usage yeast extract. You can chose appropriate base note while designing your end products flavor profile, with Levex wide range of application.


Snacks and Chips seasonings:

Taste is the key for all snacks and chips to configure and divert the desired flavor. Taste should be constant during prolong consuming of snacks & chips, to have long lasting and reboosting flavor every bite, yeast extracts are the most suitable solutions, along with their umami profiles. You can chose various colors of flavors, with salt reduction advantage with unique soft style of Levex’s range.



Ready Meals

Consumer friendly products like ready meals gives the advantage of saving time, without compromising from taste and joy of eating. While producing convenience food there might be loss of taste, because of bigger batches and further on packaging and shelf life; these losses can be compensated via Levex family members. 



Meat and meat analogues (vegetarian products)

If there is a meat product, there is always the yeast extract supporting the taste profile, which is lost by the production methods or even to have a better balanced base note between the individual products. Meat is the prior protein source for human consumption, since yeast has rich protein content, can support meaty notes. By this meaty notes processed by different environmental manipulations to yeast extract process, Levex has a wide range of meaty notes. Also these can be applicable to vegetarian products, to consume vegetable with meat texture and flavor.




Bakery is the one of the first application area of yeasts for centuries. For better dough and flavor. Now you may have more advantage by having yeasts extracted in a unique and natural method. Levex does the job for you, lets you design your bakery product’s taste profile together along the texture.


Please visit our web site for details : www.levex.com.tr

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