DL Malic Acid

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Geri Dön

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DL Malic Acid

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There are two types of DL-Malic Acid: granular type and powder type. It features pureness, gentleness, smoothness, tenderness, lasting acidic taste, high solubility and salt stability etc. DL-Malic Acid is widely used in soft drinks, candy, jelly, jam, dairy products, canned foods, frozen foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, beverages, meat products, flavor, spice and pharmaceutical products.

Malic acid in food

Malic acid was first isolated from apple juice by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1785. Antoine Lavoisier in 1787 proposed the name acide malique which is derived from the Latin word for apple, mālum. Malic acid contributes to the sourness of green apples. Malic acid is present in grapes. Malic acid confers a tart taste to wine, although the amount decreases with increasing fruit ripeness. The process of malolactic fermentation converts malic acid to much milder lactic acid.



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