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Agar Agar

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The raw material of agar-agar powder, the gracilaria seaweed, contains much nutrition and helps reducing cholesterol level and diabetes mellitus risk. Thus, this agar-agar powder or this food grade can 
be used to prevent heart disease, hypertension, also diabetes mellitus. 
The main characteristic of the agar-agar powder is its ability in gelling and thickening the texture of food. It has a setting and melting point that gives benefits when used in confectionery and non confectionery products. 
Agar-agar in high purity is insoluble at 25°C. It can be soluble in hot water at 85°C. In Europe and America, agar-agar powder is used in ice-cream, jelly, candy fabric and pastries. Our product is also used in making dessert and cheese to give balanced and smooth texture. In Japan, agar-agar powder is usually used when Japanese cook rice rich of dietary fiber to preserve the quality of their health. 
In Pharmaceutical, agar-agar powder functions as the raw materials to wrap medicine especially in the form of capsules and purgative mix. 
Consuming agar agar products can bring you numerous advantages. Please contact us and we will respond to your enquiry.

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