Whey powder

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Geri Dön

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Whey powder

Product Description

Whey is a liquid remaining after casein and fat are separated as curd during the making of cheese using rennet and with a composition varying based on the type of cheese and making technique.Lactose contained by whey is rich in lactose and serum proteins, has a high nutritional value and is a precious liquid.This raw material causing environmental pollution when thrown away is pasteurized, purified by advanced technology and marketed as whey powder after the production stages.
Whey obtained as by-product while making cheese is stored in special tanks, checked for quality and pasteurized.Pasteurized raw whey is eluted from its aalt by special advanced nanofiltration technique and demineralized.Demineralized whey is concentrated by evaporation technique, dryed by spraying method and marketed in special packages.

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