Non-Fat Milk Powder

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Geri Dön

Product Name

Non-Fat Milk Powder

Product Description

To preserve all natural properties of milk, being a perfect food and to make it more resistant, and to satisfy the milk need of the industry, milk powder production technologies have been developed.
Milk powder is produced of fresh and healthy, all quality controlled milk using no additives or production additives.Production is carried out by full-automatic and computer-controlled systems without human touch.Milk selected is at first pasteurized.Much of the water in the milk is removed by vacuum evaporators and milk concentrate is obtained.Milk concentrate is dried in the drying chamber, by spraying dry hot air by atomizers.Dried milk granules are eluted from air, cooled down and packaged in special packages and stored.
Our products manufactured through a continuous quality control with samples taken from various points at all production stages are made ready for marketing as approved for quality after all the inspections are completed.
With completely pure, natural, 100% milk content, Ova Milk Powder is produced as non-fat or full-fat.It is marketed in polyethylene kraft bags of 25kg.
Ova Milk is doing productions with the most advanced systems, in full-automatic, computer-controlled, modern facilities at the European norms.

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