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The investments of our group, which has been active in the business World since 1990, are listed below.

Vankim Kimya Gıda San. Dış Tic. Ltd. Vankim is an import/export company serving the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors in Turkey. Vankim group was established in 2002  with the aim of bringing the quality to the customer satisfaction. 

Dinamik Su Arıtma Sistemleri San. Dış Tic.Ltd 
Leading Water treatment systems and components supplier in Turkey. With "Ocean" Brand has good market share with  Residential Reverse osmosis machines. 

Kervan Gıda A.Ş 
Most significant supplier and producer of jelly is quickly advancing into the world market with its Bebeto brand.
Kervan Gida has aimed to become one of the three most important candy companies in the world and in Turkey with its skilled management, innovative research and development work, modern understanding of production, environmental policies and modern communication technologies which suit the current and everchaging consumer demands.

General Elektrik A.Ş. has entered into energy sector in Karadeniz Region in 2010 as joint partnership with two hydropower projects.

Erdem Turizm ve İnşaat A.Ş has made large investments in the construction sector. 

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