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 Yeasts are rich in proteins (42-45%), amino acids (DNA ~0,4%, RNA~6,3%) by extraction steps of the cell constituents, we can put all these valuable nutritional parts in one product. That’s why yeast extracts has savory profile as well as the umami formed by the Glutamic acid content of the products.

Since yeast extracts has savory profiles, this property is easily applicable on meat products. Today’s most consumed meat products are emulsified products, formed by meat, fat and water combination. Emulsified products are originated by Frankfurter invented for fast food consumption. There are thousands of different emulsified meat products and variety of seasonings in this category. The main key is the water, fat and muscle tissue balance in the end product. By applying high sheering force on meat fibers causes the meat proteins to act like emulsifier and combining fat/water phases in the same product.

Even dough diversions in the flavor profile of the emulsified products, common flavor is savory flavor. During process there might be some losses in the meaty, savory flavor. The most natural way to compensate the loss without compromising on original product’s taste. Yeast extracts are the most convenient and natural ingredient for emulsified meat products.

Yeast extracts are easy to apply on the dough, during chopping process. They can be applied like spices in powder form. During process yeast extract also helps to form emulsions during emulsifying process, depending on the protein content. Amino acids that are present in the yeast extracts plays an emulsifier role with their polar structure. This polar structure forms a phase distribution. And won’t be effected through out whole process from the physical and chemical changes (pH differences, mechanical treatment, cooking and cooling steps)

At the end, the most consumed meat products will have combination of tastes and flavors. This all characteristic profiles will be supported by yeast extracts. We should keep in mind that all degustation related with meat products (and some other products containing water and oil) should be performed at least 2 days after the production finalizes.

Levex products dosage for emulsified products ranges between 0,3%-1%. This gives the producers flavor and taste advantages, what the loose during the process.


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