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Gelatine is the purist form of protein which is derived from animal bones or hides.Due to its technical and high nutritional value it si used in food and pharmaceutical industries. Recently there is a great interest to gelatin and thus it global consumption has increaases considerably. Gelatine is composed of 84-90% protein, 0.5-1.0 % mineral salts and 7-10% water. Several properties such as jelly strength, viscosity, melting point and solubility are set according to the needs of the client. 

Halal Gelatine is derived from bones or hides of “HALAL” animals slaughtered in Islamic way. The injunctions of Islam is abided during the entire production process.


food grade edible gelatine is used in the manufacturing of

• Confectionery items

• Ice Cream

• Fruit Juices

• Yogurt, Cheese and Butter


Pharmaceutical gelatine is used in the production of:

• Hard shell capsules

• Soft shell capsules

• Blood plasma

• Tablets


Now, food grade Halal gelatin is produced in our factory located in Istanbul, Turkey. The factory with a current capacity of 2000 tons/annum has been built with most modern facilities. The modern laboratory equipment follows the product quality and hygiene at the most strictest standards.  

The customers are welcome to request sample and visit our factory.

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